Jefery Levy

The Key

Based on the legendary Japanese novel (1955) by Nobel Prize Laureate Junichiro Tanizaki, THE KEY is “A story about sex and marriage that is as explicit as any novel on the theme since ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’”. –Time Magazine

Jefery Levy’s 2014 film adaptation stars David Arquette and Bai Ling as Jack and Ida, a disillusioned Los Angeles based married couple, whose twisted sexual relationship is told exclusively through their own private journal entries.

What results is a visually stunning exploration of obsession, desperation, and lust in this deeply erotic, uncompromising, visually adventurous story of a marriage.


  • David Arquette Jack
  • Bai Ling Ida
  • Nathan Keyes Kim
  • Nathalie Love Mia


Written, Directed, and Produced by Jefery Levy

Producer – Susan Traylor
Executive Producer – John Scheide
Executive Producer – Mark Urman
Co-Producer – Tom Sanford
Cinematographer – William MacCollum
Edited – Jefery Levy
Edited – Pablo Espada
Edited – Scott Roon
Casting Director – Johanna Ray
Production Designer – Jessee Clarkson
Costume Designer – Patrick Milani
Co-Costume Designer – Paige Basham
Hair and Make-Up – Gina Nicole Maceri
Visual Effects – Scott Roon
Sound Designer – Jamie Scott

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