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Based on the novel “Kagi” by Japanese author Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, “The Key” is an erotic and ethereal depiction of a marriage gone sour. The film is a return to independent cinema for Jefery Levy, who won the Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival in 1991 for his directorial debut, “Drive.” The film stars David Arquette (“Scream”) and Bai Ling (“The Crow”) as you have never seen them before.

In this visually stunning clip, a tortured David Arquette pours out his inner thoughts and frustrations to the viewer through an uneasy narration of his intimate diary. Suspecting that he’s suffering “from a mental and physical disorder of some kind,” Arquette’s character details how something inexplicable has tainted the love between him and his wife (Ling). Arquette’s voiceover materializes on the screen in surreal fashion, coupled with otherworldly hallucinations that blend visions of a wilting flower, a close-up of his wife and his swimming pool.

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